Help Multiservices

The most important part of your business is supported by the image, literally, you offer to all those with whom you come in contact.

HELP MULTISERVICES offers complete solutions in the field of cleaning and maintenance services, a new approach in Romania regarding individual and collective hygiene.

HELP MULTISERVICES can become your efficient partner for global answer to the cleaning issue, offering services, appliances, equipment, accessories and consumables of top quality.

Cleanliness is an important factor and along with other factors, creates, maintains and improves comfort while being at the same time a good criterion for evaluating the image of the institution.

In order to benefit of high quality services, proper cleaning equipment, appliances and solutions specialized for each type of surface is required, all with maximum efficiency.

Our company has over 13 years experience in the field of cleaning. By quality and professionalism, throughout this period, it has demonstrated that the performed services are at the highest standards.

Our cleaning company consists of a young team, driven by the desire to be of service.

We provide cleaning, maintenance and consultancy services in order to determine and acquire the required services in case of civil and industrial spaces. Having an experience of over 13 years in the provision of cleaning services, our company will place at your disposal all the gained knowledge, becoming a real support for you.

HELP MULTISERVICES is not simply a cleaning company, but it intends to be a real AID in the development of your business.


  • Cleaning after construction
  • General cleaning
  • Daily indoor cleaning
  • Daily outdoor cleaning...
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Why with us?

  • because we respect your company and we keep in mind all your requirements;
  • because we offer safety, seriousness, promptness, communication...
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  • NO MORE investments in equipment and accessories for cleaning!
  • NO MORE problems with the cleaning personnel, salaries, bonuses, taxes, vacations...
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